Miller’s Harvest

Both Miller’s Crossing and The Red Harvest have a couple of things in common. Both main characters play on everyone’s side and are both smart and cunning characters. The continental op does it because that’s his job and he wants to get rid of the corruption that has taken over Personville. Tom does it so his boss, Leo, wouldn’t have anymore competition and also to protect him. There’s both female fatal es and they are both tough female characters who both want to protect something. Both movie and book are equally violent except in Miller’s Crossing, Leo’s gun scene was more awesome especially when Danny Boy was playing.

I felt that Miller’s Crossing was way better than Red Harvest, probably because I didn’t have to read it and it was easier for me to follow along with the story unlike in Red Harvest, ’cause it was difficult to follow who killed who. I thought Bernie was a funny character and was disappointed that he died in the end even though he deserved it for coming back after Tom let him go. There was a bit of humor in the movie especially with Bernie but also with Casper and his son as well.I couldn’t take the seriousness of Red Harvest.

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