Maggie Biederhof Pt1

At the beginning, I assumed the story was going to be about Bert but then it all turned its attention to Mildred, Bert’s wife. Mildred is a strong female character that tries her best to raise her two daughters on her own, while her ex-husband is off, banging(I’m assuming that’s why he’s with her) some ugly chick. She somewhat reminds me of my mom, who also tries her best to provide for me and my brothers with her low paying job.

At first, Mildred like the type who only wanted office job or store job and seemed to be a fool when she turned down two job offers that was a waitress and a housekeeper…she has too much pride it seems, which her daughter, Veda has, and is really snobby and tries to act all that. Anyway, in the end, Mildred ends up taking a job as a waitress and made a deal with her boss and is selling pies to him.

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