Kinda cliche….

Over the Fall Break, I started to read Indemnity Only and when I read the back of the book, I found it the description somewhat cliche but as soon as I read it, I thought the book was pretty good. I didn’t know at first that the detective was a woman until her client mentioned she was. I couldn’t really tell from the beginning because she kind of acts like a guy and I assumed she was one because her name didn’t help me whether or not it was male or female, just her last name. she’s a tough character like all detectives should be but better especially when she breaks some guy’s ribs in chapter 5, she just screams bad-ass. Way better than the continental op. and the other tough main characters. Its also refreshing that this story isn’t placed in the 1930s or 40s, but in the 60s or 70s. Finally glad they called it a refrigerator and not an ice box.

So far in the story, Vic goes and visits Mr.Thayer and she is told they have found the murderer; a drug addict but Vic knew it wasn’t true because she thinks either Anita’s dad did it or Mr. Thayer hired someone to do it. Though his daughter somewhat thinks that her dad did it since he seems to dislike his son.

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