Hemingway 6X6X6

Not only does Indian camp show many of the themes common in Hemingway’s In Our Time, it also exemplifies a sort of circle of life aspect, with the baby’s birth and husband’s death almost instantaneous.

In The Doctor and The Doctor’s Wife, Hemingway’s famous ambiguous style is shown once again when the husband and wife are talking. She could just be talking about the Indian neighbor owing them money, but when you look deeper, you become almost positive she’s talking about her own fear for her husband and his fascination with suicide.

In The Three Day Blow, we learn about the end of Nick and Marjorie’s relationship, and how Nick feels he might never love again. The colors of this T shirt show Nick’s present emotions, colorless, lifeless; and the broken heart symbolizes Nick’s pain.

In A Very Short Story, most of the story is spent describing this seemingly perfect relationship; then, a shock to the audience and the main character, in the last two paragraphs, the relationship ends. This image, and these seven words, show the shock and the loss of the relationship.

I think this one’s pretty self explanatory, but by the end of Mr. and Mrs. Elliot, husband, wife, and wife’s girlfriend all life together happily ever after. Because of this, I chose the stereotypical pink and girly cursive font that would be common at the end of a Disney movie to signify the happily ever after.

In Big Two Hearted River part 1, Nick wonders notices the grasshoppers have become black as a result of their dying environment, and wonders how long they will stay that way.

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