Hemingway 6X6

So it’s 11pm. And I don’t understand the internet. I’ve downloaded the images from thenounproject.com, but gimp won’t open them. So here are my six word stories… sadly, without T shirts.

Indian Camp (6)

A son born; a husband lost.

The Doctor and the Doctor’s Wife (7)

“I don’t believe anyone would do that.”

Three Day Blow (6)

There was always a way out.

Three Day Blow (8)

“There’s always more to it than we know.”

A Very Short Story (7)

“She knew it was for the best.”

Mr. and Mrs. Elliot (6)

They were all three very happy.

My Old Man (6)

“They don’t leave a guy nothing.”

Big Two- Hearted River part 1

How long would they stay that way?

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