Double Indemnity

Double Indemnity is definitely among one of the better written films I have ever seen. The dialogue is so intense and I love how much it implies other things besides what is actually being said. I love this movie also because, like Professor Groom had said, we are connected to, and feel bad for Walter, who is actually the only one that does any killing in the movie. Phyllis is my favorite character though, because from the first moment she laid eyes on Walter she began planning something that took all movie to display. This movie is one of the most noir-oriented film/book we have done so far in the sense of there is always something stirring. Phyllis was constantly manipulating Walter to the point where it was painstakingly obvious, and Walter knew it, too. He was constantly saying how he felt fate letting him know it was going to go wrong and yet he pushed it aside for the love of a woman.

This is the first–and last time Phyllis smokes in the entire movie, and I believe this is what shows her true evil other than her looking on as her husband is killed. She knows exactly what Walter is coming to do to her and so she prepares herself with a weapon and then slowly, with pause lights the cigarette, almost as if she is thinking twice before lighting it.

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