Double Indemnity

Double Indemnity was a wonderful movie that kept you guessing. It started off as seamingly harmless from both our characters, but we do get the gist of something going awry when we see our main character, Walter Neff, flirting with the married Phyllis. It doesn’t start off as anything to be concerned with, but the fact that two adults are blatantly ignoring “holy matrimony” is also to be considered. Once discussion of accident insurance comes into play, the plot begins to make itself more clear. As the plot thickens, it also begins to get more predictable and we see the unhealthy, cruel intentions from both of our main characters. I have to say that I found our femme fatale character quite surprising because I really liked both of our main characters at first, and then we see who Phyllis really is. It all starts to make even more sense after the actual murder is committed and when Lola’s story comes to light. All in all, I really enjoyed the movie and it only served to make me wish even more strongly that I had lived during the roaring 20s.

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