Crazy Is As Crazy Does

I have to say, I was very taken aback and appalled by Lee’s death. Bucky’s hunt for him started to scare me in the first place with how neurotic he was being, but what he learned was even more frightening. The idea of Lee being a rogue cop, however, makes sense and kind of gives me some more respect for him. I also enjoyed how Kay was in on it the whole time, understanding what was happening from the beginning but keeping it to herself. She seems to be the real femme fatale in this book, certainly not the Dahlia as she was portrayed, and I have a lot of respect for her also.

Even though I was sad at Lee’s death, I was happy for Bucky and Kay’s union. Especially when she made the point of burying the dead girl; I thought that this would actually work and help him as a person. However, it wasn’t very long until their marriage started to deteriorate, which I obviously didn’t like. When Bucky went back to the “brass girl”, I knew that was the end of it, and his further descent into oblivion only continued to perturb me. I really hate to see such a seemingly wholesome and good character be corrupted so badly. I found myself skipping through the last 60 pages of the book or so because, not to say that I couldn’t take it, but I wanted to keep my image of Bucky intact.

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