Brought Me Back to My Childhood

Indemnity Only is much like the Nancy Drew books and interactive video games that I indulged in as a kid! V.I. is getting roughed up and threatened to stop sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong, just like Nancy did! Although this seems to be a common trait with any sort of force outside of the police doing their own personal investigation, like those meddling kids from Scooby Doo. Vic is also getting similar reactions to being a female private detective and deals with people in an inquisitive way. Overall, I’m thoroughly enjoying this book so far. It’s easy and enjoyable to follow with interesting twists, such as a possibly budding romance with Ralph.

Something else I’ve enjoyed are her relationships with other people and how our author is developing her characters. It’s interesting to see her withstanding relationship with Mallory that’s clearly jovial yet serious at the same time. Same with Lotty, although they have a much more respectable dynamic. Something I’ve noticed after reading from the point of view from multiple private detectives now is their cynicism and pessimistic outlook ont the world. Not only this, but also the hands they are dealt. For instance, when Vic is mistaken for a drunk after getting beat up and is bashed by that random woman; our PI is one of the few people trying to actually help a situation larger than herself, yet she is the one getting looked down upon. Not only by random strangers who don’t know any better, but also by colleagues and clients for being a woman in her profession. I’m intrigued to see where this book takes us and how it develops overall.

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