Brave New South.

In the chapter 8, Cotton comes to Harlem we see an example of headquarters of the movement Back to the Southland.  They picture South as an ideal place for a black person to live and portray caricature relationships between white and black people that are actually racist by their essential meaning “Tall white man, with the white mane of hair, white mustache and white goatee, wearing a black frock coat…..his pink pace BUBBLING with BROTHERLY LOVE,  passing out fantastic bundles of bank notes to a raw of grinning darkies.” Cotton Comes to Harlem was written in 1965….1965.  How was the real life of black community in Southern States at that time?…

Only ten years earlier the whole world cried….

This young gentlemen, 14 years old was brutally kidnapped  in the Mississippi Delta, because he flirted with Carolyn Bryant, white owner of the store, whose husband and his brother in law several nights after kidnapped him from his grand-uncle’s house and basically did…..  Something like that….

The deference is obvious….

By the way. Here is his mother.

So…..Whats up with BROTHERLY LOVE, again ?

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