A Perfect Picture

Right off the bat I noticed the unique style of writing that Hemingway has. He is able to create a vivid picture with minimal and simplistic words, allowing our mind to fill in the blank spaces. This allows the reader to be more in tune with the book while making the visualizations unique for each reader. One place in particular I caught myself filling in the background. Hemingway describes one scene from “The Three-Day Blow” where Nick and his friend Bill are having a few drinks, talking over Nick’s recent breakup with Marjorie. All the while Bill is talking to Nick, Nick remains silent, and Hemingway makes sure to emphasize his silence. In my mind, I could picture Nick sitting there with his eyes looking downward at his glass of whiskey, drowning his feelings, and ending the conversation with Nick saying “Let’s have another drink” (page 47). I’ve also noticed a sense of hidden emotion within each story, especially in “The End of Something”. The hidden emotion comes in when everything seems to start off fine, as though it were a regular night of fishing, but realize towards the end that the emotion between Nick and Marjorie seemed fine but in an instant she was “afloat in the boat on the water with the moonlight on it” (page 34).


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