6×6 T-Shirts

This shirt was to symbolize the helplessness painted in my mind’s eye by Chapter II. All I could see whilst reading was an image of despair and lost hope, hence the saying printed on the shirt of “we need help, yet are forsaken”.

This represents the malicious and mindless behavior exhibited in Chapter III. Since, in war, death is administered by man, this can also show how war will change a person.

This was my attempt to display how quickly the man disregarded not only his wife, but her wishes and what would make her happy from Cat in the Rain.

This was designed to recreate the happenings in Chapter VII since the young soldier was so adamant in his prayer to spread the word of God, which was left all but forgotten once his prayers came true. I expressed this with “so easy to promise, so easy to forget”.

The idea here was to represent Krebs’s feelings in Soldier’s Home since all he knows how to do at this point is be a soldier, and therefore is at a loss when he is not one.

This is my overall Hemingway piece; most of the characters from In Our Time have inadvertently lost their ability to love in their conquest for peace. Whether it be in the war, in a relationship (i.e. between husband and wife), or in one’s self (such as Nick), this seems to be the common motif. This idea inspired, “how to love is beyond me.”



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