People Change, Memories Don’t.

After getting most of the way through “Ask the Dust” by John Fonte, I can now see why this book can be relatable to people and stories in the hard boiled genre.  Dr. Groom asked me to try to relate my last post to the entire class’s subject and so I have come to the conclusion that the character Arturo Bandini thinks in a hard boiled fashion.

My original post discussed the fact that I did not like the character and the actions that occur in this book, but I am starting to realize that the entire book is from this one ‘writers’ point of view so now the reader gets a full perspective of the thoughts he has when going through difficult situations.  I think that my opinion of the writing style has changed because I realized that I was not putting myself in the character’s shoes while he was poor in a new state without friends.  With this in mind I am more understanding of the actions and words he says, but I still have the memories of my first impression in my head.

Arturo Bandini thinks kind of like a bipolar person who has their ups and downs so I believe this is the relation to a hard boiled story because the character seems like someone who can easily rely on violent language to express his feelings, but just as quickly that he insults someone, he will feel bad and take it back.  I think, as we go on in the semester, it is nice to reference back to this book when comparing to a criminal character because we have to remember to see a situation from every point of view.

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