Cotton Comes to… Dakar??

Dakar, Africa

I really love the ending of this book, lkke we kind of touched on at the end of class yesterday, how the Colonel does get arrested for his crime and it seems that all of the mystery is solved excepy for… where’s Uncle Bud?  Run off to Africa with the $87,000 and Grave Digger and Coffin Ed are the only ones who know!

I have to say that the climax, though, was definitely when they started the fire in the run down church where both Deke and Iris were being held.  It was my favorite part, mainly because it was the first real “action” since the caper at the beginning.  My original feelings towards Deke and the detectivesstill stands in that I’m still not sure who is suppose to be the protagonist, because all three of these men tend to use others to get information and also do good for their ‘brothers’.


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