Yes, yes, yes….

Sure, sure, sure…..How women character in Detective fiction changed, now she is not femme fatal only, but a detective as well. Hmmm…..Trying to understand the roots of it… Defiantly gender of a writer. We, men never can fully understand what really happens in their brains, so probably thats why most of the female characters in male written novels are… You know, what I am talking about. At the same time miss Warshawskaia kind of represents miss Paretskuiu, in terms of views on gender, interests, even ethnicity…

Honestly, I am a huge fan of Noire, the traditional Noire…..Ehhh….Do not know what to say. Not my cup of tee. Too modern, when I read Noire book, I usually loook for archetypes, but here they are too broad….


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