Villainous Veda

After finishing Mildred Pierce, I’ve come to the conclusion that I really hate Veda. She’s a money-grubbing parasite, sucking the life out of Mildred. I would compare Veda’s character to that of Regina George…PMS ing, Sauron…with the ring, and the man-eating shark from Jaws. Veda is actually most like the freakish alien baby from Prometheus but with a head of hair. She is the epitome of evil! As a reader, I was constantly trying to forgive Veda, like Mildred, and give her a second chance. The ending of the story was brutal. Just when you think, for the millionth time, that maybe Veda is redeeming herself,  and will change, she sticks a dagger right in Mildred’s back (and ours) by running off with Monty.  Veda’s ability to toy with other people’s emotions, and remain completely unfazed, makes her the ultimate villain.  On a positive note, I feel like Veda’s absence is the best thing for Mildred, whether she believes it or not. Judging from his characters, you would wonder what kind of women were involved in Caine’s life for him to have created monsters like Veda Pierce and Phyllis Dietrickson .XP.

However, overall, I really liked the story. By the end, I completely felt sympathetic towards Mildred. She had built up her business, became successful, and then gave it all away because of her obsessive need to please her ungrateful daughter.


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