These people…

As I started reading, I got to the part where there’s a church service and Reverend Washington is giving a sermon. He goes on and saying how Deke was innocent and should be set free. Even after the news have been out that he wasn’t really what he seemed, people in Harlem still think he’s innocent.
“I know Reverend O’Malley is innocent of any crime,” Reverend Washington said loudly, letting passion creep into the solemnity of his voice. “I would trust him with my money and I would trust him with my life.”
“Amen,” the sister shouted, rising from her seat. “He’s a good man.”

….Are these people stupid? Did they not read the newpapers about the man?! They still think he’s a reverend…and they even raised money for him. I can’t believe it…especially the victims of the Back-To-Africa scam, who believed in him too.

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