The Little Dog Laughed

Arturo Bandini is one crazy man. The way he acts and treats Camilla Lopez make him seem childish in a way, because at first he makes it seem he likes her but then does things that make her hate him, like pouring all the beer over the table, even though she paid for the beer. In the end of his little games, he sometimes gets mad at himself even though its his fault. Also, he becomes somewhat a stalker/creeper and steals Camilla’s hat and sniffs it whenever he’s in his room.

I was a bit confused with what was going on in the book because Arturo was just a weird character who reacts to things differently. I guess that’s normal for a writer like him. I thought it was interesting on how he only viewed himself as only American even though he was Italian and Camilla would always point out his skin color to him even though she also considers herself American. Arturo also points out that she will never be one and calls her a “greaser.” Later on in the story, it seems to be an on/off relationship between the two and in the end they get a house together but Camilla leaves when he gets backs and he goes looking for her in the desert but comes back without her. That last part was sad since you never will know if she’s dead or alive. He gives up on her and goes back to Los Angeles, where it ends the story ends.

The book was a bit interesting since it has nothing in common with the other two books I’ve and also its not really violent either. There’s a lot of people drinking plus Camilla smokes weed, that’s about it, other than that time Arturo and Hellfrick stole a calf and killed it violently by slitting its throat.


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