The First Joker

Needless to say, I was very perturbed by Black Dahlia. My sister and I read ahead to the part where they find her body and literally had to refrain from vomiting. I obviously had some context to the event as an actual happening, but I had no earthly idea it was so gruesome. All I could think about when they were discussing her cause of death was the only scene I remember of The Dark Knight, that being the explanation of the Joker’s scars on his face.

Other than this, I’ve enjoyed the book thus far despite it’s convoluted chain of events. I like the things that are easy to follow with a complicated story, such as some of the progress that they’ve made on the case as well as the relationship trio relationship between our cops and Kay. Although I find this confusing, I’m very interested to see what comes of this. I thought that the beginning with the big emphasis on the fight was a little slow, but I enjoyed how it set the premise for our cops’ relationship that is very similar to that of Coffin Ed and his partner from Cotton Comes to Harlem.

Even though the book is dense and full of facts, I’m refraining from looking up the story myself on the Internet and instead am letting the suspense build by just reading the story. I’m intrigued to see not only how their case develops, but what it does to the many faceted relationships as well.

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