The Dust Has Spoken

I found the title Ask the Dust very appropriate with the way the story ended up, which deeply saddened me. I still love the style of writing, and I love our scatter brained narrator, but the summary on my copy of the book did warn me that the story was heartbreaking and I should’ve listened. I think we might’ve been reading this book for more characterization, since Arturo is so out there, because the only crime we deal with is the marijuana problem and subsequently Camilla going crazy. Another idea I was mulling over was getting used to the eclectic style of writing. Someone else made sense in their blog though when they said that Arturo is a hard boiled thinker; this can be deduced from the way he thinks through situations and the things he plots in his head. The terrible love Camilla had for Sammy and Arturo had for Camilla made me too sad, which is what I feel resonates with the title. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the style of writing, but mainly the language he used. The chain of events kept my pages turning, but it was really the metaphors and imagery that I fell in love with.

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