The Black Dahlia

The book does not exactly pick off right away, because it sets time to talk about the main characters and show their character and personality. One of the biggest things that is shown is Lee’s tough cop attitude. He doesn’t think twice about roughing some one up to get information, especially if the information is important. However, Bucky is the opposite, because he is a new cop. One of the things I liked was how they showed how Bucky and Lee were hardly acquaintances, and soon became good friends, even more surprisingly because of a boxing match in which both got bloodied. I am also fascinated by Kay, she seems to be hardboiled at first, but slowly she gets soft, especially for Bucky, even though she and Lee are “together”. She makes the whole atmosphere of the novel lighter, because the author describes how the three of them go to parties, and eat dinner together. Another thing that fascinated me was how Lee reacted to him accidentally shooting the men at the side of the road. He is all tough when he goes looking for the first criminal, but when he kills the other criminals, he seems broken, even more than Bucky, even though Lee is senior. I feel that adds a lot of realism to the story, because no matter how tough he is, he still does not like to kill, even though he is a police officer.

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