Strong women/The real Anita Hill

I really enjoyed this book. I kind of thought the beginning of the book was a bit cliche with the scene that is set up. A dark room, where Detective Warshawski sees the figure of a man, but cannot make out who he is, and then she never really gets to see who he is when they are talking. And of course he turns out to be not who he says he was, and it all just seemed too predictable. I think the book overall was interesting and the detective story defiantly pulls my interests and makes me want to keep reading. The main thing that I really enjoyed is how strong of a woman Vic is. She a woman working in a mans world. Even though it is the 80′s I still don’t think there were many females being a private detective. It was in the 1980′s that many more women were getting more jobs that men held. When looking at research on the jobs that women had in this time period, I started finding out about how sexual harassment was becoming an issue in the work place now that women were working alongside men. This brought me to the Hill-Thomas controversy. I had never heard about this before, but once I started reading, it was about this woman Anita Hill! I was taken back for a second, weird how this is the mystery girl in the book we just read. But anyways, I found an article about what happened. Apparently, Clarence Thomas was appointed to the Supreme Court as a conservative party and many people were upset and scared that his thoughts on certain issues like abortion, were going to be ruled over because of him. So his nomination went through a long process, and when it reached the Senate, Anita Hill, who had worked with Thomas a couple years back, came forward and announced that he had sexually harassed her after she had refused to date him. Although, he was still voted onto the Supreme Court, the case between them had some other affects. Sexual Harassment was becoming more of a big deal, and many more people decided to come forward and speak about what had happened to them. And this to me shows that because of Anita Hill’s strength, many more women could come forward and talk about something that they had been ashamed of. When starting this blog post, I was originally going to talk about how the strength of Warshawski reminded me of the strength of Mildred, I think this information I found was a lot more interesting. It’s amazing what a couple words in a search engine can do for ya. But I think this helped to understand what women were going through during this time, and how much we as women have grown since then. So I thank Anita Hill for being so brave, because I know it helped to make many other women strong and come forward about an issue that was so wrong, and not looked at then. And I had read somewhere that before the 1980′s there was no law against sexual harassment. And now, it is such a big deal in any environment, and because of Hill, it became a big deal in society. So thank you Anita!

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