She’s like a double edged sword

Double Indemnity didn’t really appeal to me…maybe because I was watching Thor before I went to class. While watching the movie, I kept thinking that Thor was going to burst in, yelling, “The almighty god Thor is here!” and swings his hammer around…

Aside from that, I felt that Phillis was a really sneaky fem. fatale, using the main character to kill her husband and pretending to love him and then was going to use Lola’s ex boyfriend to kill Lola and then get rid of him. She’s seems to be using everyone around her, just so she can get the money. I was glad that she dies at the end but she was a good fem. fatale, I give her that.

Keyes was a very smart character and he would’ve made a great detective but he is sort of like one already since he works for a insurance company. Its like you have to be good at investigating and doing detective work if you don’t want the company to pay a lot and get crooked by people.

The main character should’ve known better about Phillis…shame on him.

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