Red Harvest

Red Harvest certainly caught my attention. I really liked the dark gritty attitude of the first half of the book. The first 10 pages and there already is a murder. That’s what I like, jumping straight into the story. I was captivated by the attitude of the detective. He was a no business guy who was frank and gutsy. He knew how to get things done and didn’t seem afraid to tackle the bigger gangsters, as if he already knew how to deal with them. He didn’t even blink when he confronted Whisper, and talked to him straight. He is also dedicated, he doesn’t keep the check for $10,000, and gives it to his agency. This means that he is serious about fighting the mobsters. One thing that was a little tough was understanding the dialog, because it all seems to be so “retro” and they use vernacular that isn’t very recognizable. Because of that I have a hard time following the story sometimes, but other than that, interesting start to the book.

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