Red Harvest: First Reflection

From the very beginning of Red Harvest it has been hard for me to put the book down! Dashiell Hammett constructs an intricate web of alliances between thugs, wealthy power figures and Continental Op, the story’s detective. Although these alliances are easily broken, they reorganize in an interesting patterns. Hammett sets the stage in a sleezy town in Montana called Personville. The story’s plot is centered around the death of Donald Willsson, son of Elihu Willsson, head honcho in town. Elihu hires the Continental Op to find his son’s murderer, but the task isn’t an easy one. Continental Op has several leads to track down, but no one to pin the murder on. While searching for the murderer, Continental Op meets several unique individuals. My favorite, so far, is the cunning Dinah Brand. The epitome of the femme fatale, Brand is a savvy, seductive, and incredibly witty woman. From the beginning, she has played an important role in the story,  but I think she has an even greater role ahead.


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