Reading it Twice

I re-read Cotton Comes to Harlem and it defiantly helped to capture the full essence of the text. It also helped to better see the differences between the novel and the film. When reading the book the first time, I could not picture any of the characters as black. Yes the book consists of mostly black people, but in my head it wasn’t clicking. So after watching the movie, when reading the book the second time, it helped to have a face to put to each name. This helped me to better enjoy the book. The film I thought was alright. I didn’t think anything special of it, but it wasn’t a bad film by any means. One big difference I noticed was that in the book, almost every character says and is referred to as “mother-raper”, but in the film, they only ever said “mother”. Maybe they weren’t allowed to use that language in the film, but it was interesting that they only used that word in the book, and didn’t say it in the film once. Another difference is the fight between Iris and Mabel. I referred to the fight in one of my posts before, but in the book it was crazy! Both girls end up naked and Iris uses Deke’s gun to shoot Mabel 5 times until she is dead. But in the film, Iris just hits Mabel on the head and she passes out and does not die. I think it made the book more dramatic and appealing with a huge scene like that. But in the book, they didn’t make a big deal about it. It seemed though that the opening scene in the film was made a bigger deal than the book. There seemed to be more people than I imagined when reading the book, and when Coffin Ed and Grave Digger see the other black cops I think, they end up all fighting. Overall, I like the book more than the film, but the film helped to understand the book a lot more.

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