“People are Strange”

Every once in a blue moon a story like “Strangers on Train” comes around. What makes a story like this so amazing is not the story itself but the zit content within. To hell with the characters and plot, I’ll take a good story and class discussion about pimples any day. Really, I feel like I could go on a lot longer about that volcano, but people would begin to question my sanity…(which some already do XD) Whatevs… Oh well, on to the story.

For the most part I find this story to be kind of slow. Also, the first few chapters of the book gave me a killer headache. It’s well written, but I don’t really like any of the characters. Bruno is quite the creep, and he’s like a parasite clinging to Guy. I consider Bruno’s obsession with Guy to be unnatural and weird. I feel like that Doors song, “People are Strange” captures the essence of Bruno character perfectly. In the near future, I foresee Guy regretting ever meeting Bruno in the first place…

On a happier note! “It’s a plague of J(G)ob”



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