More than once…

I had to reread every sentence I read just to get the jest of what the author was saying and I felt like I had to look up every term or reference that he used but I didn’t because there was so much to look up. But after reading it a while, I came to understand what the author was talking about.(well somewhat) In the first couple of pages, I was interested by the fact that I couldn’t think if Noir was a genre, a style, etc. but I guess you could say its all these things but it does make you think about it.

What makes a Noir a Noir, is that it usually involves a mucky streets and cities, gangs/mobs, a femme fatale, and items that everyone uses: cigars, cigarettes, alcohol, and sometimes drugs. These these are usually what makes a Noir a noir, and you can’t always forget the main character who is a clever and smart witted man, well mostly.

Its surpising how the French were the ones who started writing about Noir. I always assumed it was a american thing when I was younger, since it the setting always involved a smoky L.A. police office or it was in L.A. or New York, or any of the big U.S. cities.

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