Miller’s Crossing vs. Red Harvest

The biggest similarity to me between the film and the movie was the convoluted ring of crime and the casualty with which it was brushed away. We obviously have the time period and femme fatale figure, but our characters were similar also. We see the same bad ass in Vera that we did in Dinah, except Dinah was perhaps a little colder. Speaking of, the Continental Op and Tommy are cold in much of the same way. They are simply doing their job with little ands, ifs, or buts about it and even less feeling. Our criminals were of the same scummy type and the familiar hierarchical reign. While the characters aren’t exactly the same since there isn’t someone as fickle and wimpy as Bernie in Red Harvest or anyone as smart, calculated and arrogant as the Dane, there are fine similarities in the games they play and how everyone dies in the end. I do think a big character difference would be between Leo and Noonan, since we see the good side of the police force from the movie but the corrupted side from the book.

While the chain of events were not exactly they same, they were uniquely similar between the book and the movie. It’s still prohibition during the roaring 20s, which is a great time period in itself, and all the bad guys die in the end. There was also so much intricate inside work that had to be done to even figure out what all of our characters did, let alone kind of force things to play out on a gamble, such as Tommy and the Continental Op. Overall, I enjoyed seeing such a unrealistic chain of events translated into cinema, however tweaked it may have been.

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