Miller’s Crossing the Red Harvest…

One of the biggest similarities that I found between Miller’s Crossing and Red Harvest, were the characters Tom and the Continental OP, but even they are still different. They both seemed to be playing their own game. In the movie, Tom wasn’t really connected to one side or another, he was actually playing for both, sides even though they were fighting each other. I didn’t really see a clear mission for Tom, other than staying alive. I feel as if Tom also has more of a heart, by letting Verna’s brother stay alive at first, where I think that the Continental OP would have just killed him. In Red Harvest the Continental OP wasn’t really supporting anyone either. The Continental OP had his own mission which was to clean up the city. I felt like the Continental OP is a tad edgier than Tom, by the way he threatens other players, and his stunt with the fight. I can sort of see how Miller’s Crossing was based off of Red Harvest, but I didn’t think that they were very similar

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