“In Our Time” 6x6x6

Had the hardest time remembering all the steps of creating these shirts and getting the symbols off of the very very helpful noun project. All of the pictures and symbols in my post are available thanks to cafe press and the noun project, once again.

The first shirt I did was for the opening story On the Quai at Smyrna. The quote I chose was from when the narrator was referring to a woman who was “laying on a sort of litter” to protect them from the invaders. As we established in class, the litter was a pile of dead babies, and I only believe the baby symbol to be most appropriate.

I guess I will follow them in the order as they appear in the book, and so the second chapter was next on my list. Indian Camp is one of the more gruesome stories, but since I figured everyone was thinking of the common main idea of the husband killing himself, I took a different direction of depicting how elated Nick’s father was towards his successful, yet really sketchy surgery. He talks of the journals as if they are the highest prestige in his field yet he has no desire to even open the ones in his own home.

The End of Something continues Nick’s story and shows him leaving the girl who loves him because “It Isn’t Fun Anymore”. A very short and character appropriate dialog from Nick to Marjorie


The Three Day Blow directly follows my previous chapter, and shows Nick feeling completely opposite of how the prior story ends. He realizes there is hope in life and that he really will fall in love again, hence “there was always a way out”.

The Battler was one of my favorite stories. Everyone is crazy, its just in their own fashion. The Battler asks Nick if he thinks he could take some beatings, which he obviously could. He just took one too many.

To finish off my shirts, I once again did the consecutive chapter. Which I just realized I did for all of them. Oh well, they were just all my favorites besides Soldier’s Home. For this, it is referring to Luz crudely leaving the man of the story, who’s name you don’t find out. She believes it is for the best to leave him, but he is obviously heartbroken, hence the broken heart symbol, also hence why he so carelessly gets gonorrhea. Also cleverly placed over where most people wrongly think the heart is located.

I had a lot of fun with this and I hope that it was pretty good. Hopefully not as bad as I have the feeling it is.

Also, HAIL TO THE REDSKINS. Robert Griffin is the truth!

Have a great night.

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