“If you’re white, you’re right. If you’re brown, stick around. If you’re black, stay back!”

This title I used came from a website I had found that discusses a lot about Harlem during the time period this book was written. What really struck me from this website was the Harlem Riot. This took place July 1964, this being the year the book was written in. It was black vs. white and the NYPD was not having it. On July 16th, a white cop shot a black child and this is what began the 6 day war in Harlem. There had always been a struggle between these two races and it was this killing that just pushed the blacks over the edge.

I think it is so strange that so much violence was occurring during this time period. I mean the color of someone’s skin was all that they were fighting over and it just amazes me that it has caused this much damage. Still today we are faced with issues like these. Not all people agree that black people should have the same rights as white people. Why should it matter what color someones skin is? Why has is caused people to do terrible, violent things? I still cannot understand how anyone could be so cruel and I am thankful that it is not as bad as it used to be, but I pray that someday, everyone can all agree on the same thing.

I like the history behind Cotton Comes to Harlem. I think it is very interesting, and I didn’t mean to go on a rant, but I think it is worth putting out there. Here is the website link: CLick Here! I think it is good to have all the background information, it really helps to understand the book a lot more, and it also is always nice to see how we as a society have grown.

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