I wanted to laugh…

I wanted to laugh out so loud when I started reading that part of where the thief was cutting the woman’s dress and he made so, you could see her butt. I thought it was pretty fun and an odd way to steal a woman’s purse! But my god, do people die a quick and painful(sorta) death in this book. Like when the thief gets hit but the meat truck and it describes how his form after the hit and run and how people are just staring at the dead body and doing nothing. The first death in the book was pretty gruesome too! When one of the guards gets shot in the face and he basically doesn’t have a head anymore, it made me kind of sick.

So much violence is going on this book…plus humor(somewhat)

A quote that’s been quoted that I’m going to quote now:
” ‘Ours not to reason why, ours but to do or die,’ ”

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