Harlem’s Hard-Boiled

I don’t think Cotton Comes to Harlem could have began at a faster pace. The opening scene in the first chapter is a brutally detailed attack and robbery of several white supremacists on a group of African Americans living in Harlem. The attack then results in a car chase for the gunners and the stolen eighty-seven thousand dollars. In several parts of this book I become so engrossed in Himes brilliantly constructed high-energy scenes, that I feel like I’m almost watching a really action packed movie. Not only does Himes generate incredibly intense scenes, but the writing style is equally as powerful. Cotton Comes to Harlem uses the dialect and lingo of the people of Harlem, giving the book a down-to-earth, hard-boiled edge. This book is definitely an entertaining, fast read, so, I give Cotton Comes to Harlem to a thumb’s up.



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