First Impressions

My first impressions of Red Harvest were that it was a rather gory story. Within the first 30 pages, we were given a murder, a solution, and a small taste of the vast corruption that goes on in “Poisonville”. The fact that the chief  police officer in the town is more concerned with killing his brothers assailant, than doing his job correctly, intrigued me because it was so much different than the society that I am used to.

Going into this book, I thought that the Continental OP would be more of a Sherlock Holmes style detective, and that the violence came from the murders he was investigating. As the book goes on, it seems as if the Continental OP was an intelligent  mercenary for Elihu, as opposed to a sherlock-like lawman. I think it is safe to say that this book is more intense and violent than I believed. The number of murders and gun fights in the first half of the book really showed me how “hard-boiled” this class is.


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