Double Indemnity

Wow, what just happened? Just as the movie starts, you see a man limping to a voice recorder, and he begins his story. First off, I like how the main character is an insurance salesman. It links his actions to his experience and knowledge of how the insurance company works. This isn’t just some know-it-all detective, it is, or was, a common Joe. Another thing I liked was the fast dialog. The story didn’t become very boring because the character was constantly doing something. It made everything go quickly. But surprisingly, it went quick slowly. The suspense was mountain high, I could feel myself getting anxious quickly, and just wanting to find out what would happen. This itself is also surprising, especially for me, who honestly didn’t expect suspense out of a black-and-white film. The femme fatale was also fantastic. She was quick and cunning, and extremely manipulative. She played the part of damsel in distress and villain so effortlessly. My personal favorite character was Keys. He was like the voice of reason and he was a father figure. To me, he played a sharp contrast to Phyllis. He was also cunning, but in a good way. Plus he also lightened the mood a bit.


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