Double Indemnity . Intolerable Cruelty

Overall, I thought Double Indemnity was a very good movie, even for a black and white. While the movie contained some pretty cheesy lines like, “I’m crazy about you, baby,” which I enjoyed immensely, for the most part, the dialogue was witty and entertaining. However, I liked neither main characters, and couldn’t decide who I thought was worse. What really makes Double Indemnity a great movie, though, is it’s strong plot line. There are numerous twists and turns, making it a prime example of the noir genre. While watching the movie, I  felt like i was on the edge of my seat. (Actually, I was laying with my head back on that comfy couch, but you get what i mean;)

On a side note, I felt like Double Indemnity was quite similar to the movie Intolerable Cruelty, which I love. In both movies the leading women try to rid themselves of their husbands in hopes of receiving a pay-off in the end. The leading men in both movies are head over heels for their ladies, but eventually get duped. Although, unlike Double Indemnity, the couple from Intolerable Cruelty end up together, and no one is shot…except for Wheezy-Joe, the hit man;) Coincidentally, I just found out that the Coen Brother’s directed Intolerable Cruelty, perhaps a noir in disguise? Either way, I think we should watch it in class:)



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