Dinah Grand

When Dinah was introduced to the story, it made the book a lot more interesting and really attracted a lot of my attention. Though the second half of Red Harvest became harder to understand as the book went on, Dinah still impressed me throughout the story. If I had to choose a character that would represent “Poisonville” the best, it would be her.

Dinah was able to seduce, outsmart, and play everyone in the book. Men would kill for her and she, amazingly, was able to do all of this without being killed, until about three quarters the way through the book. The level of intelligence and charisma that was attained by her, and the Continental OP, was truly thrilling to watch. It was almost as if they were super human the way that they were able to manipulate people. With all of the dirt and that Dinah had on  everyone in the city, such as whisper, it was surprising that she had ever survived long enough for the Continental OP to get there and use her for his mission.

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