Devil in the Blue Dress

At first, I enjoyed the movie adaptation a lot along with the book, but then they started to differ a little too much for my liking. Initially, all that seemed to be too different were common literary elements that take a while to develop, like the relationship between Mouse and Easy or his background in the army, but I found the dynamic between Easy and Daphne very disappointing. Obviously the plot skewed with a little more emphasis on McGee’s child business being the focal point, but the character relationship development was severely lacking as well as story development in general towards the end.

I did enjoy the actors a lot though. I found the Mouse character so comical and I thought that everyone else was portrayed pretty well also, especially Easy. This I was not as disappointed with like I was with the story line dwindling. I was disappointed with that because I found the end of the story very intriguing, especially with the back story that came out with Daphne. I didn’t feel like the movie did the ending justice, but I was enjoying it up until that point.

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