Devil in a Blue Dress:The Doodle Version


Herrrrre we go again.

  1. This lovely little doodle here came from something Jim Groom mentioned in class; something along the lines of “the world of Easy Rawlins that we are viewing”. I really like this idea in general when it comes to literature; that what we are reading and the opinion we are getting is essentially the one reality of our narrator  and there are (or could be) multiple other realities that are influencing this one. I think the fact that we see this world through Easy gives the scenery a much more logical spin. Easy is very methodical with his actions, and I really like that about him. Easy Rawlins is written into many other novels by Mosley, and I think this is because he is such a solid character. The scene and the characters can change around him, kind of like actors walking on and off a stage; but Easy remains steadfast and interacts without losing his own character.
  2. This quote just really struck me, for some reason. I think because it is just so honest. I don’t think I would go as far as applying it to real life, but for the “world” of this novel, it seems accurate. Who has the power? The man with the most money. That’s the person who has the least amount of debt to pay, and therefore the most freedom. So in a sense, money does seem to control things, kind of like a god-figure.
  3. Aside from an attempt at the class “The Who” symbol, this is also a nod to Easy’s ever-present “Voice”. I really like this voice; it never tries to get ahead, it only tries to stay alive. I think it’s less of a conscience and more of an instinct. It’s not exactly telling Easy what’s right and what’s wrong, it’s telling him what he needs to do to stay alive. I think that’s the very heart of this novel, that “dog-eat-dog” outlook and the sheer necessity to stay alive.
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