Devil in a blue dress

Easy, walk out your door in the morning and you’re mixed up in something. The only thing you can really worry about is if you get mixed up to the top or not.

I thought I should quote this sentence that Mr. Albright says to Easy from page 64 because it just gets to me as something powerful (well, not that powerful) and it makes you think that life has that black and white feeling to it.
Another thing that I like from this book is how its easier to read compared to the other Hard boiled books we’ve read in class so far. Its a really great book and its just so different from the other books. Probably my most favorite book from this class!
When I got to the part where Easy is leaving the police station and later gets in the black car and finds himself talking to Mr. Teran, and all of a sudden, Mr. Teran calls out this little Mexican boy, I was like “What the hell?” I was confused about the boy and kept wondering why Mr.Teran treated the boy as if he was some sort of animal or pet…that part was really creepy and weird. Now I’m wondering if they’ll show that scene in the movie or not, because I want to know how they’ll deal with something like that.

My reaction when I read the part with the little boy….

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