Da Book vs. Da Movie

For the most part, I felt like the movie was true to the book. There were minor differences, but nothing too drastic. One slight alteration was the fight scene between Iris and Mabel. The weapon of choice was changed from a gun to a toy ship(?). In my opinion, the latter being much more hard-boiled and lethal;) Another minor difference I felt was that the movie fell short of the intensity in violence infused throughout the book. However, though the movie lacked in brutality in comparison to the book,  it compensated with humor. On the other hand, I feel like the movie did a good job depicting Reverend O’Malley’s character. In the movie, like the book, he was deceivingly charming and likable, making it easy for him to manipulate others. Satisfyingly, in the end his true colors showed through and he lost all support from the Harlem community…..Good guys win bad guys lose >8)



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