“And sometimes just stirring things up is alright..”

This is a quote from the Continental Op from Red Harvest. I chose this because this is one the the main things I picked out that resembled Tom from Miller’s Crossing. Both of these characters seem to turn people against one another in order for their own plans to work out. We see this in Miller’s Crossing when Tom is going behind people’s back and sneaking around with Verna and then he ends up telling Leo about it. He then goes onto Casper’s side and is against Leo when before he was on Leo’s side. And in Red Harvest, we see this when he is extracting information in order to start a gang war. And of course we can see that both of these stories involve the gang wars. And each of these two characters are “stirring things up” and almost making the whole situation more terrible. Another similarity is between Dinah Brand and Verna Bernbaum. They both just seem to play the same kind of role as the “femme fatale” of both stories. Although the main plots of each story are a little different, they both show many similarities and I think after watching and understanding the movie, it has helped to understand the book a lot more. And I just wanna say that the best scene from Miller’s Crossing was the big fight scene with Danny Boy playing in the background. And this song is so soothing to listen to so I am including into this blog for you all to listen to and to remember the blood, fire, and death from that awesome scene!


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