A Note on the Murder, Part Two.


Let’s begin part two. It’s very similar to part one, you’ll catch on quick.

  1. This little line up here is a simple question that Jim Groom posed in class, but that has a lot of relevance to this novel, and especially the Zoot Suit riots it started with. Ask any historian and he or she will tell you that history as an accepted fact has a lot of different sides to it. Depending on who you’re listening to, you can get two totally different accounts of the same thing. Take the settling of America. Ask a person of European descent, and you get a story of perseverance and a ‘New World’. Ask a Native American, and you get a story of the time the white men came to take our land. This point applies to the story of the Black Dahlia as well, especially with the strong influence the media played in the investigation. Which history is correct, or will we ever know?
  2. This was just a small point that Jim Groom brought up, to be honest I’m not even sure what he connected it to. But I really like the concept of a conceived reality, and that blurring of the line between reality and fantasy. Who’s to say what’s real and what isn’t, especially since everyone on earth has their own conceived notions and no one can separate their views from the pure reality of the world (which begs the question, does one pure reality even exist?).
  3. This was a term that Jim Groom repeated multiple times in class, “logical extreme”. I think he used this to draw a connection from Nazis to the Japanese imprisonment in the US during World War II. I’m not sure what this has to do with the Black Dahlia, but it’s interesting to look at policies in America, take them to their “logical extreme” and see where we end up. How close would we be to the policies of other countries that we look down upon or flat out disagree with? What do we discover when we take a look at the extremes?
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