This quote is from the short story “A Soldier’s Home” and is said by Krebs to his mother after he returns from the war. This quote also supports the theme of emptiness and the inability to love that is ever so prominent in his book. These themes are present to express how Hemingway and other soldiers felt when he came back to their homes after the war. 

This quote is from the short story “The Battler” and summarizes how many soldiers felt when they were fighting in the war and after they returned. It also shows us that, to soldiers who have been through World War I, being crazy is quite common. We can tell this be how calmly the old man in the battler talks about being crazy. It almost seems normal to him and being normal almost seems crazy.

This quote was taken from “Indian Camp”, one of Hemingway’s most well known short stories. The quote summarizes the overall theme of the short story which is horror and death. The theme becomes quite apparent after the baby is delivered and Nick asks his father “do many men kill themselves?”. The thought of a child asking his father that question, and even more the father having to answer that question along with several others is a horrifying thing to imagine.

In the short story, “The cat in the Rain”, the wife basically settles on her husband over the italian clerk. She never comes out and says this and never complains about her husband but it is quite clear what is going on by Hemingway’s writing. The quote shows us how she wants something she can not have, the cat, because she is with her husband. In the end she gets it and it brings a feeling of hope to the story.

This quote is a little more upbeat than others that could be found in Hemingway’s book, “In Our TIme”. This quote shows us the theme of hope that has been over shadowed by more dreary and gruesome themes that have been generated by the author’s experience in the war. The theme of hope was seen earlier when Nick was talking to Bill but had taken the back seat for the majority of the book until “Big Two-Hearted River” parts 1 and 2.

This quote was taken from “The End of Something” and shows an important theme, emptiness and a loss of love. Throughout the story, Hemingway writes of how love can not be felt by his characters, possibly symbolizing how he felt when he returned from World War I. Hemingway writes very frequently of how going to the war changed him and the other people that participated and survived. He shows this in this chapter by suddenly telling Marjorie that their love wasn’t fun anymore.

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