6×6 Story T-Shirts! ヾ(゚∀゚ゞ)

T-shirts! T-shirts! T-shirts! Hemingway’s In Our Time stories on these t-shirts plus with icons…which one is your favorite? Mine has to be the first one.

This one is for Cat In the Rain and of course I chose the cat to be the icon since its about a cat stuck in the rain. The words are actually words that the women used when she couldn’t get the cat, feeling sorry for it and wanted it keep it as a pet. I liked how there was a sweet story like this one in In Our Time.

This one is for the story The Three Day Blow. The icon of the bottle is used for this one because they are drinking and are giving toast to baseball, writers, and such. The 6wordstory is the same and goes well with the icon.

In the Doctor and His Wife, the wife holds her breathe thinking that her husband had shot himself but instead had shut  the door really hard. The icon is a gun, which the doctor is cleaning while talking to his wife, and the 6word story is for when she thought he had used the gun to end his life.

This one is for Soldier’s Home and the 6word story is about how Krebs couldn’t do things like love his mother or pray to God. The icon isn’t the best one for this one…I wanted to use bacon as an icon but I had trouble loading it up. I thought bacon was good for this one because when they have the talk, its during breakfast and it seemed perfect but that didn’t worked out in the end.

This one is for Mr. and Mrs. Elliot, where the couple traveled a lot, explaining why I used the Earth as the icon and the 6word story for them was the last sentence of the story. I feel it really describes how everyone  felt in the story at the end even surprisingly the husband was okay with his wife and her girlfriend which I thought was weird.

The last one is for The Battler, in which Nick mets a retired pro boxer and an convict. The boxer, after being hit so many times during his boxing career, isn’t right in the head and tells Nick that when they introduce each other to one another. This explains the 6word story I used for this one and the icon just shows the crazy man’s past.

Well that’s all of them, I wanted to used different icons but it would take the site forever to upload my original icons so I had to used the ones already on the site. It was fun trying to come up with icons and 6word stories for six of the chapters I chose.


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