Red Harvest (Part 2) Revised!!

Red Harvest is not what I expected. I couldn’t really tell you what I expected because I don’t know, but I do know that Red Harvest was different, or unique. I enjoyed the book, mostly for the details and the way it draws you in. Like I said in my earlier post, while reading the book I felt like I was actually there. I felt like I knew what it was like to live during that time period.  I love how this “Continental Op” was so mysterious. During the second half of the book I feel like we get an even better idea of who he is. It seems like he isn’t scared to play on the dark side. By playing on the dark side I don’t mean that he is a bad guy, but rather he is willing to fudge a few numbers, and tell a few lies to get what he wants. The first time that I I realized his “bad side” was when he went around town telling everyone the incorrect outcome of a soon to be fight under the name of Thaler (Whisper). Then, he went to the fighter himself and threatened him, that if he didn’t win, he would be gone. I didn’t think that the Continental OP would go that far, sure earlier in the story he lied, but I felt like this was a whole new level. As the story progresses, we see the Continental OP making more and more deals with Dinah Brand. Dinah Brand is another interesting character in the book. She always just seems to be there, or have her hand in every situation. She always seems to know everyone’s dirty little secret, and is willing to tell for money. Throughout the story I wondered if Dinah actually loved anyone or if she was just watching out for herself. I have concluded that she only truly cares about herself, and she is willing to do almost anything for money.  Throughout the story we see murder after murder after murder. I feel as if Dinah Brand’s was the most influential. First of know one knows who did it until the very end, and before that it looked like the Continental OP did it. Secondly, I feel as if with Dinah dying the persons of Personville, will finally have privacy, and there will be less conflicts. Although I know that Dinah was not the cause of all the problems, I still feel as if she played a huge role in things. If she were not to get involved, I think that things would have been able to be resolved a lot smoothly. I thought it was ironic, that throughout the book I thought of Dinah as being cold and unconnected, and in the end she is killed with an ice pick. I wonder if Hammett mean to do that? Overall I enjoyed the book, not for the story line as much, but for the characters and their stories.


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