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Surprisingly, I am actually liking Mildred Pierce. I thought that it was going to be really boring, which it did kind of start off that way, but the more you read the better it became. I love Mildred’s take charge attitutude. Time and time again you are shown that she doesn’t take crap from anyone and if she wants something she goes out and gets it. Like when Bert came over for drinks, and Mildred took back the keys to the car behind Bert’s back. She then offered to give Bert a lift with his own car, and teased the woman he slept with by offering some nice clean bras, as if implying that she was dirty and disgusting. I like that Mildred doesn’t scream and yell about everything, but rather calmly “accepts” it, and then goes on to make things right in her eyes, whether it be mean or nice. Milred also knows how to take advantage of a situation, like the pies. She saw a need and immediately got on making new pies, to try to get money. Mildred definitely helps move the story along, and I love the personalitly that she has. I always wonder where authors get the ideas for there characters, but whoever Cain got the personality from, they must be a strong and influential person in real life.


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