Where is the love?

First of all, the whole time I was thinking about this post the song “Where is the Love” by the Black Eyed Peas was running through my head.  I thought it fitting to the discussion we had about how horrid the media and the books can be, and this splays along especially with the hard boiled books we are reading.

I say that the media is the reason that America has the most killings over all in the world and this media that only shows us the worst things in life makes U.S. citizens completely scared of one another.  I saw a show that interviews Canadians why they kept their doors unlocked and they mainly said because they didn’t see the reason to lock them.  They also said that they see some of the American news and it is terribly horrid and they can somewhat see why we act the way we do.  In class we discussed how Americans enjoy violent games/movies because there is not enough day-to-day violence that our ancestors were used to seeing, but I disagree.  The production of violent media is mainly because of the high demand of people that want to know how to stop violence.  Weird right?  But Americans are so afraid of one another that they just do not want to be “unarmed” while just walking around.
Notice that the children are standing there without much of a tear in their eyes.

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