We love you V.I.!!

I would have to say that my favorite part of Indemnity Only occurs somewhat in the middle, and it is when Vic tells Jill’s family to back off and not be so spoiled.  In my book it is page 175, which is 3 pages before chapter 11.

“There are things in this life that money can’t buy.  Regarless of what you say, I am investigating this murder– these murders…  You think you can buy a cover-up for anything that goes wrong in your lives?…  Now whatever it is that caused their deaths isn’t private anymore.  Anybody who wants it can find out about it.  I intend to.”

BOOM!!  There is no way that someone can read that and not develope some kind of strong feeling towards V.I., whether it be admiration or annoyance.  I would argue that this is a perfect example of how to define “hard-boiled”.  V.I. is so harsh, and yet she laughs in their faces every once in a while.  This emotional difference epitimizes how one should act if they want to be hard-boiled.

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